Ricardo Íscar
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Ricardo Íscar

93 min.
Spain and Catalonia
Spanish, Arabic, Catalan, English and Italian
Subtitles: Spanish

Two professional freedivers, a risky sport that involves overcoming the urge to breathe, are also fighting for their survival out of the water.


Ricardo Íscar
Executive Production
El Refugio Producciones

Miguel Lozano and TewfikBlaoui are two professional freedivers, a risky sport that involves overcoming the urge to breathe while fighting to survive. In Aire Ricardo Íscar follows them with his camera for three years, not only in their conquests and failures in the sea, but also outside. As Miguel Lozano trains to be number one, he questions what personal and family sacrifices he must make to achieve that.

Tewfik Blaoui, meanwhile, is Arab world champion in static apnoea, as he is able to hold his breath for more than eight minutes underwater. Out of the water, however, TewfikBlaoui has to paint walls to survive as an Algerian migrant in Spain. Aire becomes a film about the survival of two men united by a common passion.

About the direction
Ricardo Íscar

Ricardo Íscar


Ricardo Íscar has a Law degree from the University of Salamanca. He studied Audiovisual Communicatio...

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Edició 2017
Ricardo Íscar
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