Round table: Workshop "Cooperation on the screen"

Diversity at the center

Onsite | Free
23 May 2022 16:00 — 17:30
CCCB - Auditori
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The Thirs sector often finds that films dealing with global justice and human rights issues (both documentary and fiction films) are very often made from a Western point of view and do not incorporate the vision of the people and realities they want to portray: stories of the white savior aid worker, stereotypes of poverty, simplification of characters and realities. Good faith is not enough to approach these realities, it is necessary to enter into dialogue with the entities working in the field and with the communities portrayed in order to include them in the conception of the project from the beginning and promote cultural effectiveness.

Acció>Cinema, a project promoted by the Agència Catalana de Cooperació and Catalunya Film Festivals, proposes, through, a gathering and a talk to try and eliminate the unconscious prejudices and bad habits we may have towards these issues in order to incorporate a post-colonial perspective to our projects.

Language: catalan

Sonia Herrera

Sonia Herrera

PHD in communication

PHD in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising. She specializes in feminist studies in social scie...

Montse Santolino

Montse Santolino

Coordinator of the Federació Catalana de ONGD (Catalan Federation of NGDOs)

Journalist and coordinator of, the Catalan NGO federation, with 20 years of experience in...

Júlia Parés

Júlia Parés

Guionista i productora

Screenwriter and producer, she is responsible for the script and development department at the produ...

Agus Morales

Agus Morales

5W Reporter

Agus Morales (El Prat de Llobregat, 1983) is a writer and director of 5W. He won the Ortega y Gasset...

Duviela Agredo

Duviela Agredo

Enfoquem en Púrpura

Health and sexeducational agent of Metges del Món. Actress of the Tiriti Trans Trans Trans Company (...

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