Four Films that participated in DocsBarcelona are on the shortlist for the Oscars Best Documentary Feature 2023

The shortlisted movies are 'Fire of Love', 'Navalny', 'The Territory' and 'A House Made of Splinters'

Good news for DocsBarcelona. Four of the films that have participated in the festival have been shortlisted for the Oscars Best Documentary Feature 2023. The films have been chosen amongst 144 features participating in this category. Three of the movies, 'Fire of Love', 'Navalny' and 'The Territory' where shown at DocsBarcelona 2022 and the other one, 'A House Made of Splinters', participated in the Industry activities. Being shortlisted for the Oscars is the first step to final nominations by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which will be announced on January the 24th.

'Fire of Love', directed by Sara Dosa

This film shows the passionate love story between Katia and Maurice. Together they shared a volcanic and playful love that they took to the limit. The feature won the Docs Award for Best Documentary 2022.

'Navalny', directed by Daniel Roher

'Navalny' was the opening feature for Festival DocsBarcelona 2022. An imprecedent portrait of Aleksei Navalny, the main opponent to Putin, who was poisoned at Siberia. The director's camera captures impressive moments that reveal the courage of Navalny to take over personal risks and fight until the end to condemn the corruption of Putin's government.

'The Territory', directed by Alex Pritz

This movie was the winner of the Amnesty International of Catalonia Award, that is given during the DocsBarcelona Festival and which recognizes documentaries that are involved in the defense of human rights.

'The Territory' takes us to Brasil, together with the Uru-eu-wau-wau people, a tribe that witnesses how their land is being destroyed for creating new crop territories, with the support of Jair Bolsonaro. Bitaté and Neidinha create an indigenous group for fighting power abuse and defending their homes. The film also received the Audience Award at Sundance Festival 2022.

'A House Made of Splinters', directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont

In East Ukraine is a haven for children who have been removed from thir homes and parents. 'A House Made of Splinters' follows three kids who don't know which will be their fate, while a group of social workers try to make their lives better. The feature participated in the work in progress projets financing activity, Public Pitch, back in 2020.