Julia Dahr
Thank you for the rain
Part of
Thank you for the rain

Thank you for the rain

Julia Dahr

87 min.
Norway and United Kingdom
English and Swahili
Subtitles: Catalan and Spanish

A fight for climate justice.


Julia Dahr
Executive Production
Sabine Bubeck-Paaz
Julia Dahr
DocsBarcelona Distribution
Hugh Hartford
Julie Lunde Lillesaeter
Julia Dahr, Hugh Hartford
Adam Thomas
Chris White

Over the last four years Kisilu has used his camera to capture the impacts of extreme weather on his family and village in Kenya. He has filmed floods, droughts and storms, and the way they force men to leave their families behind in search for jobs. Travelling to Paris to present his footage to delegates at the UN Climate Talks, Kisilu finds himself on the biggest political journey of his life.

About the direction
Julia Dahr

Julia Dahr


Director Julia Dahr believes filmmakers can be changemakers. She is a Norwegian director and produce...

Awards and festivals

Best Documentary · FICMEC
Spain, 2017
Jury Award · Another Way Film Festival
Spain, 2017
Hot Docs
Canada, 2017
Denmark, 2017
Julia Dahr
Thank you for the rain
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Thank You for the Rain is a significant character study and a piece of self-representation as digital cameras find their ways into the hands of marginalised citizens who aren’t being heard.

— Pat Mullen · POV Magazine

Dahr’s documentary stays focused on Kisilu, assuming the viewer understands the connections between climate change and extreme weather, among other things.

— In the seats

Good intentions take a toll in this astutely human film: Kisilu grapples with setbacks, disillusionment and a wife and brood of children back home who seriously miss him.

— The Toronto Star
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