Vitaly Mansky
Putin's Witnesses
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Putin's Witnesses

Putin's Witnesses

Vitaly Mansky

102 min.
Latvia, Switzerland and Czechia
Subtitles: Catalan and Spanish

On December 31st 1999, Russia was acquainted with its new and current president, Vladimir Putin.


Vitaly Mansky
Anrijs Krenbergs
DocsBarcelona Distribution
Natalia Manskaya, Gabriela Bussmann, Filip Remunda, Vít Klusák
Studio Vertov, Golden Egg Production, Hypermarket Film
Gunta Ikere
Karlis Auzans

On December 31st 1999, Russia was acquainted with its new and current president, Vladimir Putin. Through personal archive material and unique witnesses very close to one of today’s most controversial political leaders, Vitaly Mansky reveals the true causes and consequences of the “Operation Successor”, the political plot that put Putin in power.

To overcome a serious and advanced illness, it is necessary to make a diagnosis and study the history of this illness. This was the filmmaker’s logic when he conceived a film about the events after the unexpected resignation of President Boris Yeltsin and the start of “Operation Successor”;. Protagonists such as Mikhail Gorbatxov, Boris Ieltsin and Vladimir Putin himself, reveal their rise to power and the actors that made it possible. Vitaly Mansky wants his documentary to be a testimony, not only for Russian society, a silent testimony of its own destiny, but also for other countries in the process of losing their freedoms.

About the direction
Vitaly Mansky

Vitaly Mansky

Director and producer

Vitaly Mansky. In 1982 Vitaly Mansky began his studies at the All-Russian State Institute of Cinemat...

DocsBarcelona Trajectory

Panorama · DocsBarcelona Festival
Edició 2019
Docs del Mes · January
Edició 2020

Awards and festivals

Best International Documentary · FipaDoc
Biarritz, 2019
Best Documentary · Karlovy Vary IFF
Czech Republic, 2018
Best International Documentary · Stockholm IFF
Sweden, 2016
Netherlands, 2018
Toronto International Film Festival TIFF
Canada, 2018
Vitaly Mansky
Putin's Witnesses
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A film laden with ominous clues for historians to study.

— Hollywood Reporter

Mansky keeps dwelling on the behavioural aspects of Putin himself, as if cracking his psychology would somehow reveal the nature of his dictatorial power.

— Cinema Scope

An extraordinarily revealing portrait of Vladimir Putin's ascension to power at the turn of the century.

— Screen International
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