Sung-A Yoon
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Sung-A Yoon

90 min.
France and Belgium
Tagalog and English
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish and English

A shocking portrait of Filipino women forced to move abroad to make a living as nannies or domestic workers highlights a covert form of modern-day slavery.


Sung-A Yoon
Emmanuel Soland, Kwinten Van Laethem, Gregory Vincent
DocsBarcelona Distribution
Hanne Phlypo
Thomas Schira
Film Editor
Dieter Diependaele
Frédéric Verrières

A shocking portrait of Filipino women forced to move abroad to make a living as nannies or domestic workers. Director Sung-a Yoon's gaze, a mixture of black humour and social criticism, highlights a covert form of modern-day slavery.

Overseas follow the training stage of a group of women preparing to start a new life away from home. Most employment contracts force them to spend years without seeing their children or families. During the school's training sessions, students practice both the role of maid and master, leading to situations that are both surreal and compelling. They will soon be exported abroad as if they were merchandise, and will be left alone in the face of labour exploitation and aggression of all kinds. A touching story that shows the determination of brave women united in sisterhood who don’t lose their sense of humour, and who share strategies to cope resolutely with their future.

About the direction
Sung-A Yoon

Sung-A Yoon


Sung-A Yoon is a French cinematographer and artist born in South Korea and living in Brussels. She g...

Awards and festivals

Amnistia Internacional Catalunya Award · DocsBarcelona
Spain, 2020
Best Documentary · Premiers Plans - Angers Film Festival
France, 2020
Locarno Film Festival
Swiss, 2019
Best Director · Hamptons International Film Festival
EUA, 2019
Best Documentary · Warsaw Film Festival
Poland, 2019
Sung-A Yoon
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Well-balanced hybrid shines welcome light on the plight of ex-pat household servants.

— Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter

It paints a stark picture of the damage done by colonialism and international economic inequality.

— Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film
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