Gianfranco Rosi
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Gianfranco Rosi

100 min.
Italy, France and Germany
Arabic and Kurdish
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish and English

A sensory immersion into the invisible wounds and the lights and shadows of a constant and endless war, filmed in Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria and Lebanon.


Gianfranco Rosi
Gianfranco Rosi
Donatella Palermo, Gianfranco Rosi, Serge Lalou, Camille Laemlè, Orwa Nyrabia, Eva-Maria Weerts
Production company
21Uno Film, Stemal Entertainment, Rai Cinema
Gianfranco Rosi
Film Editing
Jacopo Quadri, Fabrizio Federico

Giafranco Rosi, winner of the Golden Lion in Venice and the Golden Bear in Berlin, offers an immersion into the invisible wounds and the lights and shadows of a constant and endless war, filmed for three years in Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria and Lebanon. Civil wars, grotesque dictatorships, imperialist invasions, the savagery of Daesh ... We submerge ourselves in a space of horror that takes us beyond the physical territory of the Middle East to the point of losing our bearings. Where are we? Where does all this terror come from?

Rosi champions the tools of observational cinema, based on an intimate collaboration with the human beings who feature in his films to show the effects of a cycle of destruction that seems to never end. We don’t see any battles, but the wounds resonate in every image of the daily lives of the protagonists. Through careful observation we sense a spark of hope, weak but persistent, in those human faces marked by trauma and pain.

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About the direction
Gianfranco Rosi

Gianfranco Rosi


Gianfranco Rosi, born in Asmara, in Eritrea, with Italian and American nationality, after attending...

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DocsBarcelona Festival · Panorama
Edició 2021

Awards and festivals

Venice Film Festival
Italy, 2020
Toronto International Film Festival
Canada, 2020
New York Film Festival
USA, 2020
Chicago International Film Festival
USA, 2020
Gianfranco Rosi
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Rosi's method of patient observation allows him to make poetic connections across borders.

— Simran Hans · Observer

Nobody with a sense for contemplative cinema will be left unsatisfied by Notturno.

— Donald Clarke · Irish Times

It's an intensely considered curation of scenes: glimpses, perhaps, into a collective mind or soul.

— Peter Bradshaw · Guardian
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