Myriam Bakir
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Myriam Bakir

62 min.
Morocco and France
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish and English

In Morocco, a woman can be imprisoned if is pregnant without being married. The Mahjouba Edbouche Association fights this injustice with courage and tenderness.


Myriam Bakir
Cécile Vacheret, Jean David Lefebvre
Virgine Bonneau
Gertrude Baillot
Fatima Benbrahim, Laetitia Daleme, Nicolas Sarkissian
Hoba Hoba Spirit, B'nèt Houariyat

Moroccan law criminalizes sexual intercourse outside of marriage and a woman can be sentenced to prison if she becomes pregnant without being married. Abortion is also illegal, it is only allowed when the pregnancy puts the woman's health at risk and the man must give his consent. Many young women find themselves in a vulnerable situation and often do not dare to tell their families about the pregnancy for fear of rejection. The Oum El Banine association, led by the charismatic Mahjouba Edbouche fights an unjust reality silenced by Morocco’s media.

The Edbouche support group provides a home, emotional care and legal assistance until the time of delivery. The journey is full of obstacles and requires high doses of courage and tenderness. Director Myriam Bakir captures impactful scenes in which the parents of pregnant girls deny reality, despite Edbouche’s persistence in offering solutions. An example of how love and fellowship challenge an oppressive system that violates women’s basic rights.

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About the direction
Myriam Bakir

Myriam Bakir


Myriam Bakir, whose parents are Moroccan, was born and raised in Paris. After having directed two sh...

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Awards and festivals

PriMed - Le Festival de la Méditerranée en Images
France, 2020
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
Netherlands, 2020
Tangier international film festival (TIFF)
Morocco, 2020
Myriam Bakir
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Despite its limitations, this is nevertheless an informative look at the real life repercussions of a system that penalises the pregnant without thought for mother or child, which shows families are, generally, much more flexible and forgiving than the law.

— Amber Wilkinson · Eye for film

Mothers follows Edbouche and her team, and the developments in the lives of these pregnant women, filming moments from their arrival at the association to the birth of their child, and sometimes the reunification with their family.

— IDFA Documentary Film Festival

“Mothers” explores the still-taboo subject of unmarried mothers in Morocco.

— Damon Wise · Variety
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