Mariam Chachia and Nik Voigt
Magic Mountain
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Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain

Mariam Chachia and Nik Voigt

73 min.
Georgia and Poland
Georgian and Russian
Subtitles: English and Catalan

Abastumani is a century-old mansion where people with tuberculosis live in isolation. One day, an oligarch discovers the building and decides to buy it.


Mariam Chachia and Nik Voigt
Executive Production
Opyodoc, Telewizja Polska S.A.
Sebastian Zsemlye
Mariam Chachia, Ewa Szwarc
Original title
Jadosnuri Mta

Mariam has a recurring nightmare. She dreams that she is isolated in a building called Abastumani that is hidden among the mountains of Georgia. One day, she decides to face her fear and go looking for it. Mariam discovers that Abastumani is a century-old mansion where people who are sick with tuberculosis and have been marginalized by society reside. During the morning, Abastumani looks like an old hospital where the sick queue up to ask for medicine from the old Soviet doctors who attend them. During the afternoon, Abastumani looks like a social centre where the sick play under the smoke of their cigarettes. At night, Abastumani witnesses the violence caused by alcohol and drugs. Everything changes when a Georgian oligarch discovers Abastumani and buys the building. Invisible natural forces emerge to offer a magical resistance to this unyielding fate. Q&A

About the direction
Mariam Chachia

Mariam Chachia


Mariam Chachia is a documentary film director and producer from Georgia. She is the founder of film...

Nik Voigt

Nik Voigt


Nik Voigt, a versatile filmmaker, began his career as a documentary photographer, where he spent man...

Awards and festivals

Dok.fest Munich
Alemanya, 2023
Mariam Chachia and Nik Voigt
Magic Mountain
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