Mariam Chachia


Mariam Chachia is a documentary film director and producer from Georgia. She is the founder of film production company OpyoDoc and co-founder of DOCA Documentary Association Georgia. Mariam's love affair with film began in 2007 when she started making a short TV series for kids titled Rubber, which aired on Rustavi2, one of Georgia's biggest TV broadcasters. Besides short TV series, Mariam has directed several educational videos and animations. Her first feature documentary Listen to the Silence, premiered at DOK Leipzig 2016 and won the Golden Dove in the Next Masters Competition. Mariam's second feature documentary Magic Mountain was produced and co-directed with Nik Voigt. In December 2022, Mariam and her colleagues founded DOCA – Documentary Association Georgia, which aspires to contribute to the growth of a sustainable and healthy documentary film industry in the country.