Helena Třeštíková
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Helena Třeštíková

90 min.
Subtitles: Catalan

For 14 years we follow Katka in her struggle to overcome her drug addiction. When she gets pregnant, a horizon of hope seems to be in sight. *The film contains images the viewer might find upsetting.


Helena Třeštíková
Executive Production
Negativ Film Productions

In 1996 Helena Třeštíková meets Katka, a 19-year-old girl who is part of a therapy community for drug addicts in the Czech city of Němčice. Katka wants to quit her addiction and live like teenagers her age. However, this step is anything but easy and, as the years go by, Katka is pushed further and further away from the dreams of her youth. Stealing and prostitution become her only means of survival in the grim world of drugs. Everything changes when Katka becomes pregnant by her partner, who is also a drug addict. Suddenly, Katka must fight for a life that is not her own. The baby on the way opens up a horizon of hope for her and she seems determined to get out of the darkness she lives in for good. Will she find the strength to do it?

*The film contains images the viewer might find upsetting.

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About the direction
Helena Třeštíková

Helena Třeštíková


Helena Třeštíková studied Documentary Filmmaking at FAMU film school. Since 1974, she has made over...

Awards and festivals

Macedònia, 2011
Canadà, 2011
Open City Documentary FF
Regne Unit, 2011
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Long- term observational docu is a solidly made portrait of a hardscrabble life in the margins of Czech society.

— Boyd van Hoeij · Variety

That film, sensationalistic and raw, blindsided me, and remains unforgettable; in comparison, Katka feels cool and almost ambivalent towards its subject.

— Jason Pirodsky · Prague reporter