Ida Cuéllar
El secreto del Doctor Grinberg
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El secreto del Doctor Grinberg

El secreto del Doctor Grinberg

Ida Cuéllar

92 min.
Catalonia and Spain
Spanish and English
Subtitles: Spanish and Catalan

A fast-paced thriller about the disappearance of Jacobo Grinberg, a specialist in the study of telepathy and considered by many the Einstein of consciousness.


Ida Cuéllar
Laia Casanovas
Carles Brugueras, Marieke van den Bersselaar, Ida Cuéllar, Inés Massa
Ida Cuéllar, Miguel León, Juan Muñoz-Tébar, Fernanda Rossi
Jose Luis Bernal (AEC)
Judith Miralles, Gabriela Soria, Carlos Rufete
Eduardo Pacheco

In 1994, at the height of his career, Mexican doctor Jacobo Grinberg mysteriously disappeared. The strange circumstances of his disappearance have given rise to multiple hypotheses and theories that have contributed to burying the truth of the case. Considered by many the Einstein of consciousness, Grinberg took the study of psychophysiology beyond the limits of traditional science in order to approach the infinite potential of the human brain and demonstrate the first signs of telepathy.

Director Ida Cuéllar has been investigating the case for seven years and has built a fast-paced metaphysical thriller, revealing unknown evidence that rewrites the account of the last days before his disappearance. Immersing ourselves in the mystery of Dr. Grinberg involves reflecting on the mystery of human existence, and rather than offering answers, we will discover how to ask ourselves better questions.

About the direction
Ida Cuéllar

Ida Cuéllar


Ida Cuéllar is a filmmaker and musician living between Barcelona and Mexico City. He has worked all...

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DocsBarcelona Festival · Latitud
Edició 2021
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Awards and festivals

Docs València
España, 2020
Docs Mx
México, 2020
Guanajuato International Film Festival
México, 2020
Málaga Film Festival
España, 2020
Ida Cuéllar
El secreto del Doctor Grinberg
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With a relentless script, an extremely measured sense of staging and a breathtaking dramaturgy, Ida Cuéllar's 'El secreto del doctor Grinberg' is one of the best thrillers of the year on the world stage.

— Carlos Loureda · Fotogramas

It is another good example of the scope that the documentary acquires when it is nourished without reticence by other genres, in this case taking advantage of the subject to skirt that meeting point between science and art.

— Jesús Chavarría · Diario La Razón de México
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