Patricia Franquesa
My Sextortion Diary
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My Sextortion Diary

My Sextortion Diary

Patricia Franquesa

64 min.
Catalan, Spanish and English
Subtitles: Catalan and English

Patricia finds herself trapped in a labyrinth of digital blackmail after her computer is stolen


Patricia Franquesa
Gadea Films, Ringo Media, Patricia Franquesa, Mireia Graell Vivancos

Pati, a young producer, fights to have a professional career in the film industry. One day her laptop is stolen during a business trip to Madrid. After filing a police report she receives a message from a friend. He has received some very personal photographs in which Pati appears to be appearing. It is then that she realizes that she is the victim of sextortion.

The shame and anxiety caused by months of extortion turns into the need to share the process. When it seems the case is hopeless, Pati receives a letter stating that the two men who stole her computer have been arrested. With this first clue, Pati embarks on her own quest to regain control and power of her privacy.

About the direction
Patricia Franquesa

Patricia Franquesa


Patricia Franquesa starts her career in Tel Aviv working with the Heymann Brothers Films and Hilla M...

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Edició 2024
Patricia Franquesa
My Sextortion Diary
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