Andreas Koefoed
At home in the world
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At home in the world

At home in the world

Andreas Koefoed

58 min.
Subtitles: Catalan and Spanish

At Home in the world gives a unique insight into the lives of five refugee kids during their first year in a Red Cross refugee school in Denmark.


Andreas Koefoed
DocsBarcelona Distribution
Sara Stockmann
Jacob Schulsinger, Marion Tuor
Niels Thastum, Sophia Olsson
Bo Rande

How does it feel to have to find a new home in the world, when you have fled everything you once knew? How is the life of the thousands of refugee children in Denmark? And what does it take for them to become part of Danish society? These are the questions, which Andreas Koefoed explores in his new documentary AT HOME IN THE WORLD. A small Danish town (Lynge) houses a Red Cross asylum school, where refugee children from conflicted areas all over the world are united. The children attend school while waiting for answers: Will they be granted residency in Denmark, or will they be sent back to where they came from? Some of the children have arrived with their parents, while others came alone. The vast majority of them have been on the run for years, living in several countries. What most of them have in common is the experience of war and violence up close. All of them have lost a place, where they felt safe around family and friends. All of them have lost their homes. AT HOME IN THE WORLD takes place at this school, where Andreas Koefoed, as the first Danish documentary filmmaker ever, has been granted permission to spend years following the lives of the children. It is an intimate depiction of the everyday lives of five refugee children on a Danish Red Cross asylum school.

About the direction
Andreas Koefoed

Andreas Koefoed


Born 1979 in Copenhagen Graduated in 2009 as documentary director from The National Film School of D...

Awards and festivals

Best mid-length film, IDFA
Netherlands, 2016
Nomination for best documentary - Danish Film Academy Award
Denmark, 2015
Nomination for best documentary - Danish Film Critics Award
Denmark, 2015
Andreas Koefoed
At home in the world
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