Rodrigo Reyes
499 years
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499 years

499 years

Rodrigo Reyes

88 min.
Mexico and United States
Subtitles: English

Upon the 500-year anniversary of the Spanish Conquest, a ghostly Conquistador arrives in modern Mexico.


Rodrigo Reyes
Executive Production
Steve Holmgren, Carter Logan
Ricardo Arteaga
Andrew Houchens, Inti Cordera
David Felix Sutcliffe
Andrea Chignoli, Daniel Chávez Ontiveros

Five centuries since Cortés conquered the Aztec Empire, award-winning director Rodrigo Reyes brings to the screen one of the most powerful examinations of the systemic effects of colonialism in Mexico. Blending fictionalized elements with documentary, 499 follows a conquistador who embarks on a journey to retrace the destructive route the Spanish army took from the shores of Veracruz to Tenochtitlán (modern-day Mexico City). As past collides with present, he bears witness to his actions and hears the poignant stories of real people, getting to the root of the wave of violence that is overtaking contemporary Mexico. Told with outstanding cinematography and sound design, 499 leads audiences to confront the haunting echoes of colonization. What is the true impact of history in our lives today? And how can we stop the cycle of violence and right the wrongs of the past?

About the direction
Rodrigo Reyes

Rodrigo Reyes


Rodrigo Reyes. Mexican director Rodrigo Reyes has won awards for his films around the world, screeni...

DocsBarcelona Trajectory

Rough Cut Pitch
Edició 2019

Awards and festivals

Special Jury Prize · Hot Docs
Canada, 2020
Best Cinematography · Tribeca Film Festival
United States, 2020
São Paulo International Film Festival
São Paulo, 2020
Netherlands, 2020
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Rodrigo Reyes exploits a very creative concept to traverse a path of colonialism, parallels and tragedy.

— Ricardo Gallegos · La Estatuilla

A hypnotic, devastating look at the scars of Latin American colonialism.

— Nathanael Hood · The Young Folks
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