Character driven Documentary

The only art form beyond control of the creators

24 May 2023 16:00 — 17:30
CCCB - Auditori

How do you create a narrative when the building blocks of the story are beyond your control? How do you identify a potential story that has not happened yet? How do you present a film that doesn’t exist? What is character driven? How does a documentary script look? What is subtext? What does Complementarity and Quantum Mechanics have to do with directing documentaries? What’s the difference between events and stories?

Mikael Opstrup

Mikael Opstrup

Project developer

Mikael Opstrup is a specialist in international project development, trailer consultancy, co-product...

Hanka Nobis

Hanka Nobis


Hanka Nobis was born in Bialystok. During her MISH studies at the University of Warsaw, she dealt wi...

Sumpta Ayuso

Sumpta Ayuso

Executive Producer

Sumpta Ayuso Costa has been an Executive Producer at JWP for 20 years. She has produced films and no...

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