The UE documentary 'When I Grow Up' about access to education in Ukraine will be projected at the Docs&Teens section

There will be a double session for students with a talk about education in emergency situations

One more year International Documentary Festival DocsBarcelona cooperates with the European Commission to stand up for children's education. Cooperation will be with European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operation, DG ECHO.

More information about "Education, no matter what here.

'When I grow up'

DG ECHO has produced a 12 minute documentary in collaboration with directors Olivier Jobard and Claire Billet and the organization MYOP. It is called 'When I Grow UP', and shows the life of three tenacious young Ukrainians who resume their education despite the fighting. The film documents their ambitions and courage in a country devastated by war.

When Russian troops invaded Ukraine in February 2022, classrooms fell silent. Soon, schools were destroyed by the relentless shelling. Almost a year after, classes have started again, and schools are being rebuilt with EU humanitarian support.


The 'When I Grow Up' documentary will be projected at the DocsBarcelona Festival, in a double session that will take place the 26th of May within the Docs & Teens section. This session will be attended by students, and conducted by DG ECHO representatives, to speak about the importance of education in crisis situations.