Conferences will open to the public for the 25th anniversary of DocsBarcelona

This year, the second week of DocsBarcelona is mainly committed to the field of Industry. In this 25th edition we try to return to normality with some in-person activities.

Festival / Industry

This is the case, for example, of conferences. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, these will be free and fully open to the public at the CCCB.

This week’s first round table is “Cooperation on the screen”. A meeting, promoted by the Catalan Agency for Cooperation and Catalonia Film Festivals, where through, we can get rid of the unconscious prejudices and bad habits that exist in global justice and human rights films; they are often done from a Western point of view and do not incorporate the vision of the people and realities they want to portray.

Also, the same Monday afternoon, the public will be able to learn the narrative techniques to make a deeper film editing provided by two top experts: Samuel Santana, editor of Netflix and Mark Edwards, director of the Division in Europe of long original documentaries of Netflix.

On Wednesday, we’ll discover how to record a movie inside the metaverse. The director of "We met in virtual reality", Joe Hunting, in dialogue with Jordi Sellas, CEO of "Layers of Reality", will explain how doing it in a case study.

The latest proposal arrives on Thursday morning with ProDocs, where the most extensive radiography on Spanish documentaries will be presented.

To end the week, there will also be an online access conference: "gender in the musical and audiovisual field – experiences and reflections". The different participants will explain their experiences in the sector; each from its specific area of specialization; giving a special interest to the documentary field.

To be able to participate in the conferences you only must fill out an attendance form that can be found on the web next to each activity.