On Thursday, the films and colloquiums return to DocsBarcelona!

The end of the 25th edition of DocsBarcelona is approaching and we want you to enjoy these last days of premieres.


Tomorrow, Thursday 26th of May, Aribau Multicines reopens Room 3 and 4 to welcome another reality, the metaverse. Viewers will be able to delve into a film never seen before, with the presence, in the room, of director Joe Hunting; who will solve some doubts about "We met in virtual reality".

This, however, is not the only film that offers the billboard for this day. "Nelly and Nadine", "Penelope my Love" or "A Thousand Fires" can also be seen on the big screen, to tell inspiring stories of love and struggle.

In addition, culture and art become the main axis of some films on Friday. This is the case for example of "Reconciliation", "Erasmus in Gaza" or "Karaoke Paradise". Despite dealing with very different topics, the viewer will be able to know, more thoroughly, what characterizes certain communities and will have the opportunity to participate in the colloquium that will be held just after. "Maija Isola", on the other hand, will not have a colloquium.

During the last day of programme the options are expanded with an extra pass of "Fire of Love". We also resume the struggle for change and the pursuit of personal identity with the following options: "President", "Rebellion", "El vent que ens mou" and "No place like home".

For more information about the programme of this second week, consult the website or subscribe to our newsletters.