Håvard Bustnes
Phantoms of Sierra Madre
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Phantoms of Sierra Madre

Phantoms of Sierra Madre

Håvard Bustnes

100 min.
Danish, English, Spanish and Norwegian
Subtitles: Catalan and English

A Danish writer embarks on a quest to locate a disappeared Apache tribe in Mexico but his journey takes an unexpected turn


Håvard Bustnes
UpNorth Film

In 2016, Danish writer Lars K. Andersen released a film inspired by his childhood hero, Norwegian explorer Helge Ingstad, who in 1937 embarked on an expedition in search of an Apache tribe in Mexico. Norwegian filmmaker Håvard Bustnes follows Lars as he meticulously reconstructs Ingstad's path, driven to uncover the secrets of the lost tribe. Alongside Pius, the great-grandson of Apache guerrilla leader Geronimo, they confront a Mexican family and an intelligence agent, while Lars grapples with the moral dilemma of pursuing a tribe that does not wish to be found and ultimately recognizes his imperialistic and colonialist perspective. This is how the film gradually becomes a profound critique of cultural appropriation, indigenous exploitation, and colonization.

About the direction
Håvard Bustnes

Håvard Bustnes


Håvard Bustnes is a director and producer, a Law Degree in Television for the Lillehammer, Norway Fi...

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Festival Internacional de Cine documental de Copenhague
Edició 2024

Awards and festivals

Award - Festival Internacional de Cine documental de Copenhague
Denmark, 2024
Håvard Bustnes
Phantoms of Sierra Madre
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