Bertram Verhaag
Pensioners INC.
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Pensioners INC.

Pensioners INC.

Bertram Verhaag

52 min.
Subtitles: Catalan

The Vita Needle Company factory employs 35 pensioners who have found in the company a place to feel welcomed and fulfilled.


Bertram Verhaag
Zoltan Ravasz VDT
Docs Barcelona Distribution
Bertram Verhaag (DENKmal-Film)
Waldemar Hauschild, Gerardo Milsztein (BVK)
Verena Schönauer
Bauer Karger Holzapfel
Production assistants
Kim Koch, Carolin Neubauer

The average age of the workers at Vita Needle, a needle factory near Boston, is surprisingly 74 years.

The boss, Frederik Hartmann, has blind faith in his 35 pension workers, who in just five years have helped increase the company’s sales by one hundred percent. These “hired for life” employees like Mary, Marion, Paul, Tom, Ann and Rosa, all between 75 and 96 years old, have found a new home, they feel happy in this community and are needed. They are loyal, have a strong sense of responsibility, and are highly motivated. Rivalries or power struggles have no place in their lives. The free choice of work schedules leaves them plenty of time for grandchildren, medical appointments or gymnastics.

In their close and enjoyable interviews, the older workers at the needle factory reveal their sense of security. Full of joy and vitality, they describe how happy they are to work together, and they also talk about the dream they all share: to keep going up the stairs that lead to the production room for as long as possible.

Hartmann’s innovative approach seriously questions attitudes in our society, which often see people as young as 50 as virtually incompetent.

About the direction
Bertram Verhaag

Bertram Verhaag


Bertram Verhaag was born in Sosnowitz (Poland) in 1944. He studied sociology and economics, and in 1...

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Edició 2010
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Exground Filmfest
Germany, 2009
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It is a praise of action and movement, and that is precisely where its cinematic potential lies.

— Pablo Castriota · El Espectador Imaginario

The film shows, in short, an unusual experience and a vindication of the third age as any other stage: productive, vital and dignified.

— Miguel Frías · Diario Clarín

It testifies to an exemplary experience and does not need speeches on the humanization of work to show that some erroneous behaviors in our society can be modified with a little imagination.

— Fernando López · Diario La Nación
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