Kata Oláh
Narrow Path To Happiness
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Narrow Path To Happiness

Narrow Path To Happiness

Kata Oláh

83 min.
United States and Hungary
Subtitles: English and Catalan

A Hungarian gay Romani couple´s dream is to make a musical film about their lives, just as the government is becoming increasingly hostile towards LGBTQ+ people.


Kata Oláh
Executive Production
Makabor Studio
Tamás Lőrincz
Kata Oláh, Borbála Csukás
Marc Smolowitz

Gergo and Lenard are a young gay couple living in a remote Roma community in the poorest part of Hungary. They live in a community where being gay is considered an unforgivable sin, yet they dream of making a musical film about their lives and becoming famous. They could continue to live out their lives within this hostile environment, but to make their dream come true they have to move to Budapest, where LGBTQ+ life is more open and available, and collaborations with musicians and artists are abundant. When the sudden death of Gergo’s mother brings a tragic wrinkle to their story, they return to the family who disowned them for one final reckoning, helping them to accept their gay identities, the key to their own acceptance and their own chance at happiness. Q&A

About the direction
Kata Oláh

Kata Oláh


Katalin Oláh (director-editor) is a Hungarian filmmaker based in Budapest. After many years working...

Awards and festivals

Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival
Grècia, 2023
Kata Oláh
Narrow Path To Happiness
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A film that is small in scope but has a heartfelt intimacy.

— Amber Wilkinson · Screen Daily
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