Nila Núñez Urgell
Lo que dirán
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Lo que dirán

Lo que dirán

Nila Núñez Urgell

61 min.
Spanish and Catalan
Without subtitles

Two Muslim teenage girls that build and defend their own identity while debating between tradition and change.


Nila Núñez Urgell
Executive Production
Emilio Trovati
Alejandra Molina Rios
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Mar López Zapata

A film about two Muslim teenage girls building and defending their own identity while debating between tradition and change. A secondary school assignment on the issue of wearing the hijab strengthens the friendship between two young Muslim women in Barcelona. Between laughter, rebellion and affection, the two girls share yearnings and doubts as they reflect on the cultural, social, and symbolic values of the traditions linked to their origins. Each with their own personality and identity (very different from each other), will understand that stereotypes and prejudices are the worst weapon against tolerance and respect for others.

About the direction
Nila Núñez Urgell

Nila Núñez Urgell


Director, camerawoman and editor of documentaries and fiction. She holds a degree in Audiovisual Med...

Awards and festivals

Docs&Teens Award · DocsBarcelona
Spain, 2020
IDFA · Students
Netherlands, 2017
Best Spanish Film · FICX - Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón
Spain, 2017
Best Documentary · SomCinema
Spain, 2018
Festival Cinespaña
France, 2018
Alternativa, Festival de Cine Independent de Barcelona
Spain, 2018
Nila Núñez Urgell
Lo que dirán
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