Yevhen Titarenko and Vitaly Mansky
Eastern Front
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Eastern Front

Eastern Front

Yevhen Titarenko and Vitaly Mansky

98 min.
Latvia, Ukraine, Czechia and United States
Ukrainian and Russian
Subtitles: English and Catalan

Yeyhen and his friends volunteer in the first aid battalion of the Ukrainian war, filmed unmediated and in all its rawness.


Yevhen Titarenko and Vitaly Mansky
Executive Production

On 24 February 2022, Yeyhen and his friends decide to volunteer to join the first aid battalion on the eastern front of the Ukrainian war. They are willing to provide all necessary support and evacuate the wounded. For six months, the hand-held càmera follows them with showing the rawness, fear, hatred and bitterness of war with shocking proximity and without intermediaries. However, Yeyhen and his comrades always keep their faith in the end of the war.

The young men leave the front for a couple of days to visit their evacuated families in an idyllic spot in western Ukraine and to baptise the son of one of them. As soon as the celebration is over, they are forced to return to the front.

Conference: Documentary filmmaking against the backdrop of war

Wednesday 24th of May - 17:30 h | CCCB Auditorium | Free

  • The day before the screening of 'Eastern Front', its director, Vitaly Mansky, and Alba Sotorra will have a dialogue, moderated by Marc Marginedas, about documentary filmmaking in the midst of armed conflicts. What are the challenges when filming a war or bringing real stories to the big screen against the backdrop of an armed conflict?

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About the direction
Yevhen Titarenko

Yevhen Titarenko


Yevhen Titarenko was born in 1988 in Odesa/Ukraine, and he graduated from the Mykolaychuk Institute...

Vitaly Mansky

Vitaly Mansky

Director and producer

Vitaly Mansky. In 1982 Vitaly Mansky began his studies at the All-Russian State Institute of Cinemat...

Awards and festivals

Alemanya, 2023
Letònia, 2023
Thessaloniki IDF
Grècia, 2023
Txèquia, 2023
Yevhen Titarenko and Vitaly Mansky
Eastern Front
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Mostly filmed in the Ukraine war zone by brave battlefield paramedics, this raw and immersive reportage documentary feels like an urgent first draft of history.

— Stephen Dalton · The Film Veredict

'Eastern Front' is not intended to be an all-encompassing overview of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is very much a ground level view, and it is a powerful and highly impactful one.

— Fedor Tot · We Love Cinema
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