Victor Kossakovsky
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Victor Kossakovsky

98 min.
Germany and France
Italian and English
Subtitles: Spanish

An extraordinary journey through the material that shapes our habitat: concrete, and its predecessor, stone. How will we inhabit the world of tomorrow?


Victor Kossakovsky
Production Producción Cinematográfica GmBH, Point du Jour – Les films du Badibari

From filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky comes an epic and poetic meditation on architecture and how the construction of buildings from the past reveals our destruction while offering hope of survival. Focusing on a project by Italian architect Michele De Lucchi, Kossakovsky uses the circle to reflect on the rise and fall of civilizations, capturing breathtaking imagery from the ruins of the temple of Baalbek in Lebanon, dating back to 60 AD, to the recent destruction of cities in Turkey following a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in early 2023. Through Kossakovsky's inquisitive gaze, the grandeur of humanity and its precarious relationship with nature pose the urgent question: How do we build and how can we build better before it's too late?

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Victor Kossakovsky

Victor Kossakovsky


Victor Kossakovsky is an innovative documentary filmmaker whose films have been honored with more th...

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