Campus New Talent

DOC-U section

The DOC-U section of the festival, with the participation of documentary short films by audiovisual students, grows with the activities of Campus DOC-U Nou Talent to promote the internationalization of works and the professional growth of their creators.

DOC-U Campus New Talent

Exclusive activities for DOC-U section directors

In addition to presenting their short films, all directors of the selection can participate in the Festival and Industry programme, with growth activities exclusive to them.

During the rest of the year, DOC-U directors have the opportunity to travel with their project to European festivals on the DocAround Europe network thanks to Creative Media's "Festival Network" fellowship. As well as access to workshops aimed at professionals thanks to the ICAA "Laboratorios e incubadoras" grant.

Laia Rutman Puche and Kilian Saldaña i González
Layla Menhem and Nader Chalhoub
Amour en Galilée
Various directors
Natalia Pérez Manzanares
Alejandro Rodríguez
O que queda
Various directors
Diego Acosta
Piedra Papel Tijera
Mar González Villanueva
Joachim Michaux
Sur tes cendres
Jordi Fradera
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