Creative and practical story-telling workshop about joining mobile phone and documentary.

DocsBarcelona School
Event date to be determined
Between 8 and 30 hours
Maximum 24
Alumnos de los talleres de DocsBarcelona en el aula.

This is a practical workshop to learn to use our mobile phone as a resource to capture reality. The workshop aims to give the participants tools to tell real stories using a technology available to everybody.

The sessions consist of a brief theory introduction, practical exercises, and group analysis of the exercise. A creative, participative experience based on audiovisual storytelling. The critical analysis of the recordings will allow the participants to reach conclusions that will improve the quality of their pieces.


The MobileDoc workshop is divided in 3 modules:

MobileDoc 1: Filming with our mobile phone 8 hours
MobilelDoc 2: Filming and editing with our mobile phone 16 hours
MobileDoc 3: Constructing a story 30 hours

There is the possibility of doing the three modules, or only module 1, or modules 1 and 2. The workshop content will change depending on the module.

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Who is it aimed at?
For all those who want to be able to tell a story with their mobile phones. Previous knowledge not necessary. It’s a workshop especially suited to secondary school students and teenagers.
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