Editing and post-production workshop

How to make a teaser

Open call
20 May 2021 9:00 — 27 May 2021 14:00
CCCB - Auditori
Maximum 8 projects (2 participants per project)

Teasers are the gateway to all funding markets, buyers, funds, as well as festivals. They are the visible side of projects in development, an essential part which plays a big role in the whole process. At the same time, post-production is also an essential part of the entire course of documentary creation, often with more restricted access or referred on to specialized companies.

At DocsBarcelona we have brought these two needs together and for that purpose we are running a practical workshop led by Bernat Aragonès, a widely recognized specialist in editing and post-production.

In the course of making a teaser we will go through the main post-production processes, trying to get the most out them from both an economic and creative level.

Content and calendar

SESSION 1 Thursday 20th May 9am-2pm at the CCCB - Face-to-face
-Analysis and commentary of the participants’ teaser proposals.
-Brief presentation of the participants’ documentary projects and the goal to be achieved with the teaser.
-Viewing of teasers.
-Critical analysis of teasers.
Participants will have to work on the teaser on their own and bring the final cut to the next session.

SESSION 2 Tuesday 25th May 9am-2pm at the CCCB - Face-to-face
-Viewing of final cut.
-Presentation of graphic proposals (typology and animation of credits) and visual proposals (image treatment, colour correction) and sound proposals (sound and music design).
-Explanation of the most suitable methodology to carry out each of the graphic proposals and introduction to some basic post-production concepts.

SESSION 3 Thursday 27th May 9am-2pm at Antaviana - Face-to-face + Online
-Colour correction of a few projects so that participants can see the process on site.

Participant requirements

To participate in the workshop you must have a documentary project in development and bring a teaser up to 3 minutes long in an advanced stage of offline editing (in QuickTime HD format).

After the second session, it will be necessary to bring graphic proposals and visual references, so you need to have access to an editing suite during the days of the workshop in order to finish the cut and make the appropriate exports for colour correction.

During the sessions it is recommended you have a laptop and an external disk with the material. The samples will be made with Avid and Premiere. Basic knowledge of one of these two editing systems is recommended.

Bernat Aragonès

Bernat Aragonès

Post-production Manager at Antaviana Films

Graduate in Humanities and Master in the American Film Institute. Former postproduction director at...

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