Pere Sallent

Film exhibitor

Pere Sallent Puigcercós (Cerdanyola, 1961), is a third-generation film exhibitor. He studied Economics at the UAB and his first job was to manage the family-run cinema, the Kursaal de Cerdanyola, which, after many changes, became the Point 11 Sales Cinemas. He participated in the design and construction of numerous multiplexes, among which were the Punto 10 cinemas in Alzira (Valencia) and the Cinemas Full 28 cinemas in Cornellà. With his own architectural patents, he is currently working on a project called "Full. Building the cinema of the future." It is a project that reinvents the multiplex cinema concept and proposes a radically new "Cinema Palace", capable of prospering in a future environment where cinemas will share its premieres with streaming channels.