Pedro Ballesteros


Pedro Ballesteros graduated in journalism from the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona in 1987, and is an experienced director and producer of documentaries. After finishing his studies, he began his activity as a video creator and obtained numerous awards at national and international festivals. Simultaneously, he works for several programs on Televisión Española and as a producer for advertising and music videos. In recent years he has collaborated as a director, director, operator or editor in a good number of documentary-format works, addressing all kinds of topics. Canal +, TVE, TV3, ARTE, Al Jazeera, Tele5, Cuatro y La Sexta are some of the networks that have broadcast his works. Among his most outstanding projects are the documentary series Acceso Autorizado (2018. 12x50 '), Chernobyl, 35 años después (2012), 23F Golpe a la española (2012), La verdadera historia de los falsos Dalí (2004), Alphabet Tapies and Cuando la vida se escapa (2002) among many others.