Nuno Escudeiro


Nuno Escudeiro studied Media at the University of Aveiro, and Documentary Film Directing in Zelig, School for Documentary in Bolzano, Italy.
He works in different audiovisual fields, exhibiting both in galleries and film festivals, His experimental dance short films have been screened in several national and international film festivals, such as Directors Lounge 2013 in Berlin, CineDans 2013 in Amsterdam, and Cinerail 2013 in Paris. His feature Moon Europa (2016) was screened in Dok.Fest Munich 2017 and Indielisboa 2017.
In 2012, he founded the creative group Postmodernsquare, a member of the Firestarter network, which involves 11 European organisations collaborating on new projects in order to develop and enhance the use of art within different social contexts, supported by the European Commission.
During his studies at the Zelig Film School, he directed several films, including Chronicles of Wind and Stillness (2015) which portrays the institution of border controls to prevent refugees from traveling from Italy to Austria and Germany; and Moon Europa (2016), working with migrants living in the European Arctic. The Valley is his second feature length documentary.