Montse Armengou

Journalist and investigative documentary filmmaker

Montse Armengou is a distinguished Spanish journalist and investigative documentary filmmaker. She has worked at Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) since 1985 and she is currently the director of the Sense Ficció programme at TV3. She is the co-director, with Ricard Belis of "Els nens perduts del franquisme" (Franco’s Forgotten Children, 2002), "Les fosses del silenci" (Graves of Silence, 2003), "Avi, et trauré d'aquí" (2013) and "Els internats de la por"(The Institutions of Fear, 2015) among others. Through her work as a documentary filmmaker, Armengou has presented new evidence about the social history of repression in Spain during the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. Armengou’s documentaries have received numerous awards, have been published in book form and have become a resource for human rights agencies and activists. Last year, she was visiting professor a NYU and her work has been used, cited, and discussed by several United Nations units.