Michaela Ternasky-Holland


Michaela Ternasky-Holland is a multi-racial Emmy, Webby, and Sheffield Doc/Fest award-winning documentarian, who combines experimental content with traditional mediums. She works with clients as a consultant and creative strategist. She is a recognized public speaker who has presented at international conferences, public institutions, and podcasts. Her work has been featured by TIME, Forbes, The Guardian, Cannes Film Festival, New York Public Library, Tribeca Film Festival and more.

Not only does she strive to be a part of purpose-driven projects that vocalize and educate about diversity in storytelling, but she also works in tandem with decision-makers, committees, and boards of directors that financially support, mentor, and create opportunities for those of all backgrounds. In short, she works for the impact of the projects to move beyond the project itself.

She has been invaluable within these spaces to raise awareness concerning but not limited to: privilege, neurodivergent, differing physical abilities, ethnicities, sexual identifications, and age.