Martijn te Pas

Documentary consultant

Martijn te Pas studied Psychology, English and completed Film & Television Studies at the University of Amsterdam. From 2000 onwards until 2019 he was part of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) as head of the program department and senior programmer for which he traveled to many film festivals as guest or juror.

He was an advisor for the IDFA Bertha Fund, read projects for the IDFA Forum and was a documentary advisor of the Dutch Mediafund.

in 2019 Martijn moved from Amsterdam to Stockholm and in 2020 he was was Guest Documentary Programmer at Nordisk Panorama. In this year Martijn also started e u R O P E doconsultancy which is aimed at directors and producers and offers tailor made SWOT analysis of films both at development and edit stages. e u R O P E doconsultancy also offers expert advice and guidance on curation, festival and distribution strategies.

Martijn is an EAVE and Sources 2 alumnus and occasionally writes film reviews and interviews filmmakers for Business Doc Europe.