Júlia Gaitano


Júlia Gaitano (Barcelona, 1997) is an editor and audiovisual critic. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication in the Pompeu Fabra University and in Music in the Barcelona Conservatory. She collaborates in various online film magazines such as El Antepenúltimo Mohicano, Otros Cines Europa and Revista Mutaciones. You can also find her work in the Diari de Barcelona. As an editor, her films have been screened at the Malaga Film Festival, the Menorca International Film Festival, the Manlleu Film Festival and the Micheaux Film Festival in Los Angeles, among others. She is a member of the Associació de Muntadors i Muntadors Audiovisuals de Catalunya (AMMAC) and of the Associació Catalana de Crítics i Escriptors Cinematogràfics (ACCEC), of which she is also a member of its board.