Artemio Benki


Artemio Benki is author, director and producer born in Paris, who since 1992 lives and works in Prague. His first short documentary My Land (1993) was screened at IFF Karlovy Vary and Munich. Then he produced and directed an episodic mockumentary Moon Valley (1994, IFF Locarno, Karlovy Vary, Cottbus, Freiburg - Main Award, Petersburg - Ecumenic Jury Award), an episodic film Prague Stories (1999, IFF Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Pusan, Montreal) and several shorts. Artemio is founder of ARTCAM FILMS and SIRENA FILM and coproducer of many awarded European films such as Marguerite (2015, directed by X. Giannoli, IFF Venice, 4 César Awards) and Personal Shopper (2016, directed by O. Assayas, IFF Cannes - Best Director Award). Artemio’s feature length debut Solo, premiered at IFF Cannes 2019, ACID section. Since then, it was selected for more than 20 international film festivals and received main awards at MakeDox, IFF Duhok and IDF Jihlava.