Alba Cros Pellisé


She co-directed her first film Les Amigues de l'Àgata (2015) with Laia Alabart, Laura Rius and Marta Verheyen. Acclaimed by film critics, it ended up being released successfully in cinemas throughout Spain and being nominated for best film at the Gaudí Awards of the Catalan Film Academy.

As a director, she has participated in the collective piece Chantal Akerman un rècord (2016) with Francina Ribes as a tribute to the filmmaker Chantal Akerman. She has also worked as an assistant director in the film Els dies que vindran by Carlos Marqués-Marcet, which won the Biznaga de oro for Best Film at the Malaga Film Festival. She is currently developing the feature documentary Otredades with Nora Haddad and produced by Amor&Lujo.