Master Classes

Ponentes haciendo conferencia en una sessión de DocsBarcelona
DocsBarcelona offers in this edition a set of master classes, round tables and conferences. They will be open and free and will be broadcast through the DocsBarcelona&Me platform. The aim of these sessions is to put the emphasis on creation, and on how the covid-19 has affected the audiovisual industry and festivals.

Beyond the directors eyes

Imágen promocional de la conferencia

What role do narrative resources play in building a story? How important are music scoring, sound, photography, and the post-production process? In this round table we will hear the voices of professionals who work behind the cameras. We will see how beyond the director there are a whole set of essential elements that…

How is covid-19 affecting the audiovisual industry?

Imágen de un rodaje

Life can only be understood by looking back, but it must be experienced by looking forward. Flexibility, innovation, opportunity, challenge, as well as risk, difficulty, and fear, define the reality that COVID-19 has left to the audiovisual industry and in particular to documentary film; a reality that in the…

Master Class with Oscar-nominated editor Niels Pagh Andersen

Niels Pagh Andersen haciendo una conferencia.

A special online gem at DocsBarcelona 2020: From his editing room, Danish editor Niels Pagh Andersen will open his toolbox filled with tips, tricks, and methods with reference to his own editing work. Do not miss a chance to get a closer look at the work of Niels Pagh Andersen, who takes part in a conversation with…

Professional meeting of national archives

TV broadcasters across the state are a very important source of information when it comes to making a documentary. Each file, however, has its own mode of operation, modes of access, cataloguing and arranging information. This closed-door meeting, moderated by Montserrat Bailac, will focus on how archives are working…

COVID-19: The new reality of festivals

Público viendo un documental en el cine.

As festivals and markets, we have had to reinvent ourselves against the clock in the face of the new situation with COVID-19. What have we learned from this new paradigm? What new tools will be incorporated? Will festivals be the same again, or or is this new reality here to stay? With the desire to share experience…

Unconscious prejudices: who speaks, who explains, and who looks

Audiencia Cine Conferencia DocsBarcelona

What prejudices do we unconsciously release when we make a documentary? Can we detect them before making them obvious? Historically, documentary has looked at very diverse realities but mostly from the perspective of male white directors, with a western-centric and heterosexual point of view. How does this affect the…


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