Course Catalogue


Alumnos de los talleres de DocsBarcelona en el aula.

Creative and practical story-telling workshop about joining mobile phone and documentary.

This is a practical workshop to learn to use our mobile phone as a resource to capture reality. The workshop aims to give the participants tools to tell real stories using a technology available to everybody. The sessions consist of a…

Research and rights clearance film, photos and music workshop

Profesora del taller de archivos explicando a sus alumnos.

The main goal of this workshop is to learn and delve into the world of image research and archival image and music right clearances.

The main goal of this workshop is to learn and delve into the world of image research and archival image and music right clearances. Also, we’ll get familiar with concepts such as “fair use” and orphan works”, which will allow us to…

Documentary project development workshop

Joan González explicando teoria a sus alumnos en uno de los talleres de DocsBarcelona.

Projects are worked on to identify strengths and weaknesses

The aim of the workshop is to make projects grow so that participants can go forward with their ideas and turn their theme into the best possible film through focusing the story, finding the best title, building the most appealing…

Pitching workshop – Project presentation

Participante expone su proyecto en el pitching.

Learn how to present your audiovisual project in the best possible way

Good ideas are not enough: you need to know how to communicate them. That’s why pitching is the essential tool to produce appealing presentations and get a project off the ground, by building a brief, concise, and enthusiastic presentation…

Teaser editing workshop

Learn how to seduce financiers with a 3-minute teaser

What sequences to choose? How to capture the spirit of the film in only a few seconds? What will attract the audience and potential financiers? This workshop provides tools to produce a successful teaser that can be used to promote the…

Taller de producción ejecutiva de documentales

Dos participantes explicando su proyecto en un taller.

El taller aporta herramientas a los productores ejecutivos para poder llevar a cabo su rol en el proyecto

Executive production in the field of documentary requires knowledge related to management, financing, human resources, overview of the project, and familiarity with the industry and the sector. This workshop provides the executive…

Direction of photography workshop

Alumnos de un taller visionando una película.

An overview of what is involved in direction of photography, offering specific resources for immediate use

With this workshop we aim to offer an overview of what’s involved in direction of photography and in that way awake the participant’s interest, whilst providing specific resources in regards to putting together the best crew for each…

Creativity and team management workshop

Alumnos de un taller

Learn how to create as part of a team and stop competing whilst promoting creative promiscuity

Production routines and limitations can affect creativity. But also ego clashes or the incapacity to realize when an idea needs to be dropped. That’s the nature of team work: many people take it as competition instead of cooperation. This…

Documentary marketing and distribution workshop

Alumnos de los talleres de DocsBarcelona en el aula.

A workshop designed to be able to reach the largest possible audience

The marketing and distribution strategy of a documentary film should never be considered as just one more administrative document, but instead has to meet the needs of a precise, coherent and solid commercial plan, so that the documentary…

Video-journalism course

Imágen de un rodaje del taller de videoperiodismo.

Get trained as a video-journalist with an intensive course

One of the characteristics of televisions and digital media is the versatility of the people working in them. This course offers the knowledge necessary to turn journalists into video-journalists. # AIM To train journalists so that they…

Courses to renew the audiovisual language on TV

Alumnos de los talleres de DocsBarcelona en el aula.

Tailor-made course which will delve into narrative techniques

This is a continuous learning course for people working in current affairs. The aim is to offer current affairs directors the possibility to delve into new narrative techniques and make the most of the ones already known to improve the…